Premium Wordpress Plugin

Calculate Prices based on Distance For Checkout



1) How To Activate Plugin

Upload “woo-calculate-prices-based-on-distance.php” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
Hover on the WooCommerce and Select WC Distance Calculator. That’s where the settings of the plugin will be found

2) What is the functionality of the Plugin?

This Plugin is very usefull for the foodpoints/restaurants who are using woocommerce and are giving the delivery option. However Any other delivery points can use that plugin too who are using woocommerce and providing the delivery facility The plugin has 3 main features.

i) DatePicker
In the datepicker you can select(check the days in the admin side) and you will see the days you have selected in the admin side will be disabled on the checkout page for the datepicker.
Also The plugin allows you to add multiple custom dates to disable too. For example you have disabled all fridays from the admin side so all the fridays will be disabled in the datepicker on checkout page. And now you want to disable only 1 saturday and it’s date is 20 Nov 2020. So you can add that date in the admin side and that date will be disable too on the checkout page for datepicker

ii) TimePicker
In the timepicker you can select the start time and end time and you will see on the checkout page that the time is showing between those 2 times you entered with the interval of 15 minutes(By Default). you can change the interval in minutes according to your own need.
Also The plugin allows you to add multiple custom Time Slotes to disable too.

iii) Delivery Distance

In the Delivery Distance Section you have to get Google Maps API Key in order to use that feature. Once you get the working APIKey Just put it in the admin settings where it says “Google Maps API Key:”. Then you have to set the cost per mile/KM (You can select the unit too from options of KM and Mile). Then you have to fill out the address. From where you have to start the delivery. Then On the checkout page the user have to enter his/her address too. Then once the user click “Calculate Delivery Fee” The plugin calculates the difference between 2 addresses. 1(The address which is saved in the admin settings). 2(Which is entered by the user).
Let’s say the Distance between 2 addresses is 4KM. (let’s say you saved KM in admin settings as Distance Unit and set the cost per KM you saved is $2). So total Distance multiply by cost per unit(KM). which is (4KMx$2) = $8. That $8 will be added in the order total.

3) How To Get API Key

In the Plugin admin settings in Delivery Distance section you can see a link which says “
How to get an API key” Parallel to Google Maps API Key Input field. Just follow the steps and you can get your API Key and enjoy the plugin.
Or you can click here too.